Create a Game without doing any Programming!

UniRPG is a tool that will help you create Hack&Slash RPG type single player games in Unity. The goal is to provide a tool with which to create a specific genre of game in Unity without doing any code scripting. Full source is provided and the system supports plug-ins when you need to do more or expand on the existing features.

Here’s a Big List of Features but be sure to have a look at the Documentation and the Tutorials & Videos to learn in more detail about the kind of games that can be created with UniRPG.

Please Note This product is only compatible with Unity 4 as it uses features not available in older versions of Unity.

Status The builds that UniRPG make have not been tested on mobile devices (iOS/Android/etc) and the GUI, Input system and Controllers have not been written for mobile. Mobile support is currently not something that UnIRPG officially supports.

Featured Videos

More videos can be found in the Tutorials and Showcase sections.